Devi Prayer -- Hymn to the Divine Mother


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

"Cripple Lullaby" by Cheryl Marie Wade

I'm trickster coyote in a gnarly-bone suit
I'm a fate worse than death in shit-kickin' boots

I'm the nightmare booga you flirt with in dreams
'Cause I emphatically demonstrate: It ain't what it seems

I'm a whisper, I'm a heartbeat, I'm "that accident," and goodbye
One thing I am not is a reason to die.

I'm homeless in the driveway of your manicured street
I'm Evening Magazine's SuperCrip of the Week

I'm the girl in the doorway with no illusions to spare
I'm a kid dosed on chemo, so who said life is fair

I'm a whisper, I'm a heartbeat, I'm "let's call it suicide", and a sigh
One thing I am not is a reason to die
I'm the poster child with doom-dipped eyes
I'm the ancient remnant set adrift on ice

I'm that Vally girl, you know, dying of thin
I'm all that is left of the Cheshire Cat's grin

I'm the Wheelchair Athlete, I'm every dead Baby Doe
I'm Earth's last volcano, and I am ready to blow

I'm a whisper, I'm a heartbeat, I'm a genocide survivor, and Why?
One thing I'm not is a reason to die.

I am not a reason to die.

Plunderverse Lullaby

Bone suit
Fate worse


No illusions


Not a reason
Poster child
Doom-dipped eyes

Dying thin
Every dead

A whisper
A heartbeat
A reason
Not to die

Release Me

Let me go
Let me be
Let me grow
Let me breathe

Let me live
Let me die
Rest your head
Spirit, lie

The Spell

When I'm under the spell
I dance in hell
With lust
And greed
And disgust


I create magic
Though I am not a magician
I create beauty
Though I am not beautiful
I create power
Though I am not powerful
I create because

I am...
You are...
We are...

I am magic
I am power
I am beauty
I am love
I am Goddess