Devi Prayer -- Hymn to the Divine Mother


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Verbal Vomit and Self-Reinforcement :P

I am physically aching
Emotionally purging
I am  broken
I am numb
I am empowered
I am strong
The universe had different plans
One thing I’ve learned…
You can’t resist the nature of things
You can’t deny gut feelings or truth
You can’t feel gut feelings and ride on hope
Don’t resist
Don’t try to change things
Pay attention to the quietness of the spirit of life
Pay attention to the quietness of truth and reason
My journey unfolds as it is meant to
According and depending upon my successes and failures
Though the rewards reaped through positive and negative experience and opportunity are not based on ‘actual’ successes (i.e./ in society’s eye/measurable system) but rather that I successfully attempted such things in the first place!

Failures, therefore, dependent upon the amount of non-attempts
Which are nil to none and therefore a success!
Credit for trying
Karma for honesty
Mercy for imperfection
I’m good
I’m always stronger after a good long ‘beating’
I’m grateful for what I’ve learned
It only contributes to the exhilarating and life changing journey of self-discovery
And personal strength

For that, I thank you.