Devi Prayer -- Hymn to the Divine Mother


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Rotten days are WONDERFUL!

It’s cold outside, from the snow and slush
and bone-chilling winds sting my face
The wind is so bitter that my eyes water, my nose runs,
and my breath is stolen from my lungs
The bottom of my dress pants are soaked
And they rub against my ankles, causing my joints to ache...
I know it's going to be a long day

I'm late for work
I've forgotten something important
My computer crashes
My cell phone dies
And all the while...
I cant help but listen to an extra bitter co-worker complaining about something
....always something
And always taking it out on me...ugh!
Between rage and awe
I can't help but chuckle
...under my breath
I know...
It is going to be a long day!

I've forgotten my lunch (but remember i gave my last $20 to my dear ol' son this morning)
So I chain smoke in attempt to numb my hunger
I drink lots of water in attempt to drown my smoke breath  
Only to listen to the bitter co-worker now bitch about how the office smells like a cigarette!
It has now become a rotten day

But then
The trials of the day start coming to an end
Finally down to the last inevitable catastrophe...
A flat tire, keys locked in the car, abandoned by a ride, or bus pass fill in the blanks.

Exhausted and hungry
Cold and angry
Clinging to warm hopes that the best is yet to come...

When home I finally arrive....
A transformation begins
My spirit casts off old garments
And traditional rituals of my favorite moments in my time and space

Bags of books, computers,and cell phones
fall to the ground
(along with deadlines, due dates, meetings and expectations)
there's a "thump" on the ground...
a glorious release...
I love and look forward to this moment every day.

Like a 'WARRIORESS' shedding to the ground
Her armor and weapons from battle
So too to the ground falls my mental and emotional 'luggage' and armor
...but only after and if I let it all go.

And then...
the most gratifying of all moments...
the best part of a most rotten day...
the ritual begins...
hot steaming bath...
sweet smells
a warm enveloping of satin waters
as I'm immersed...
calming bubbles
and then...
the  E...X...H...A...L...E...
ankles soothing
toes warming
head back
eyes closed to the world
candles burning
inhaling sweet smells of home and luxury
my sanctuary

And then...
I dive into my soft warm bed
puffed pillows
lavender and vanilla fabric scents
the feeling of my favorite sheets on my smooth legs
the smell of my freshly washed pj’s
my kitten snuggling
purring and petting beside me
make-up free face
the daily 'good-night' phone call to my best friend
A good night kiss from my son...
I sink into my pillow and sigh...
And think
And say 'thank you'
For my own little piece of heaven
My sanctuary

Rotten days are worth it
because I'm reminded of how glorious the good things in my life really are!
A rotten day makes the things I protect,
practice, love, and treasure...
more special
A rotten day makes those special moments EUPHORIC...
And therefore, rotten days are WONDERFUL!